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Custom Seating
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Hi! I'm John Grenga and I create custom  motorcycle seats.
As you already know, most stock seats are uncomfortable to say the least, and most after market seats don't fare much better because these seats are manufactured for the "average" rider.

Since most riders are not average with issues such as being too tall, too short,too thin, too heavy , and since everyone has a different shape, a standard seat does not fit every rider. And what about the rider with low back problems? I know about this because I am tall, over weight, have a bad back and ride.
With over fifty years of design, sewing, upholstery, and leather craft experience, I will custom build you a seat that looks good, made of quality components and most important is comfortable and for those of you with low back problems, build in a lumber support.
What about your wives and girl friends, we can make them comfortable too!
For those of you on a budget, we can rework, recover, reshape and remake your stock seat.

American Sport Seating
a division of
J Grenga Co
e-mail: assman@americansportseating.com

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